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1-800 American Free Trade Association (1-800-AFTA ), the only trade association exclusively serving the Toll Free industry, is an organization who’s focus is the creation of a positive regulatory environment for Resp Orgs and Toll Free users and the expansion of market opportunities for the industry as a whole.

Strategic Objectives of 1-800-AFTA:

  • To provide a strong and unified voice on legislative, regulatory and policy issues.
  • To be a source of up-to-date information on legislative, regulatory, and technology issues affecting Resp Orgs.
  • To be an effective channel of communication between Resp Org members and the FCC.
  • To provide a forum for member discussion of key Industry issues (regulatory, technology and marketplace).
  • To foster support for market-based methods for toll-free number administration.
  • To promote and enhance the image of 800 branding. 

Membership in 1-800-AFTA is open to organizations, companies, or entities having an interest in toll-free communications and who support an open market environment in the toll free industry. Membership is specifically designed to include the interests of End Users (Toll Free Service Subscribers of Record), Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) and Service Providers -- including Call Centers, Corporate and Direct Marketers, Advertisers, Shared Use Providers, and 1-800 Brand Companies within the Toll Free communications industry. Membership is by invitation and application only and all members must maintain the highest of ethical industry standards.


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